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Benelli mag tube collar

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Ordered a DMW 8rnd tube and collar from Chuck at Shooter's connection.

The collar won't fit on an M2 - goes on about 1 turn and gets tight. Measured across the threads of the M2 mag tube - it is 1.090. I have access to an SBEII, that tube is 1.080" The collar fits fine on the SBEII.

The factory tube caps (part replaced by the collar) swap fine between the M2 and the SBEII. Inside diameter of the factory caps is 1.040". Inside diameter of the DMW collar is 1.044" - 1.045"

Tube is bigger, collar is tighter, no fit!

Looked at the Benelli web site, collar isn't offfered, called a gunshop they couldn't find a listing.

Question is, does anyone know if I can get just the collar. I like the DMW tube and would like to use it, but if the collar won't work...

BTW, not worried about Chuck, he'll stand behind the product. I'm just trying to do a little home work. I'm guessing DMW would make one for me, but that could take awhile...

Thanks for your help.

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Got your e-mail, but my M2 has not come in from the dealer yet, but I'm going to let Mr. Benny Hill do all the work and it includes the mag extension. But if I was going to get the extension, I was opting for the Briley tube. Thanks for asking. Let me know how it turns out.

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