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Beretta 92G Elite.....now what?


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I just picked up a 92G Elite. Black frame and slide, chrome bbl. 3 dot standard sights and two 10 round mags with bumpers on them. Gun is about 98%. Purported to have been shot little and in the safe for years. I don't doubt it. Double action trigger taps out my RCBS trigger scale and single action is about 5.5 lbs....but it was real flat shooting and very accurate.

Those in the know, what's the best way to set one of these up. Maybe just for some light shooting or even USPSA -


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The pistol was made to be shot, and a lot.

I like that pistol just the way it came from the factory. Berettas like to be run wet with oil, or maybe light grease.

Change your recoil spring at intervals of about 5000 rounds. The trigger spring is another wear part, needing replacement at about the same round count, or you can change it out for the Wilson Combat upgraded spring, or the Wolff Spring replacement module.

The locking block is another wear part. There have been a succession of re-designs for it. If yours has an early locking block, get a later design block. IIRC, the US military changes locking blocks at about 20,000 rounds. I've shot Beretta pistols a lot, for a long time, and never broken a locking block. The various designs are shown here:


You might want to lurk on the Beretta forum, particularly their Classifieds forum. Every once in awhile, someone is dumping a lot of Police-surplus magazines. I bought a lot for as little as $7 apiece.

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Contact the guys at Wilson Combat. A friend from this form had his worked by them and that gun is pure delight!!! http://wilsoncombat.com/new/custom-beretta.asp#.Vaf_1_lVhBc

Also if you dont want to spend too much money and get excellent work I sent mine some time ago to Ortiz Custom guns in Savannah, Ga. The owner is one hell of a gunsmith, he is the one that works on my competition STI's.

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Like NuJudge said, run well lubed. I prefer grease on the rails.

Just about everyone replaces the standard hammer spring with a "D" spring. That's the one used for Beretta's DAO version. It should get the DA pull to 9lb or under. Also check to see if your Lanyard Loop Pin is a solid or a roll pin. If a roll pin replace it with a solid pin. It will be easier to work with.

Links for parts:



Lots of good stuff at the Beretta Forum, which NuJudge linked. Also check help videos here.



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