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New JP JPoint with Circle-Dot? Anybody actually seen it?

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JP just posted a link to a new version of their JPoint (http://jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPOINTCD) I give that for informational purposes only.

Since my vision works very well with small dots inside circles like my EOtech, I was interested immediately. I've been holding off on a new sight for my Open/Unlimited pistol because the Burris FastFires are too tall for the suppressor sights on the M&P. If this were to work with my eyes/visual system like my EOtech, I'd be much more confident and be faster with my pistol. And my offset rifle red dot, truth be told. :-)

Has anyone actually seen this new JPoint in person on any platform at all? Perhaps as a bonus stage or other special sponsor event at a match?


[edited to add in the URL that I forgot to include before]

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