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MOA Rifles. Anybody have experience


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I know this is for rifles, but I have had MOA do shotgun work for me and they are top notch to work with. Tom is a super guy.

I think MOA Precision that does shotguns, known as "Openclassterror" here on BE, http://moaprecision.com/, is a different outfit than the MOA rifle company listed by the OP. They are located in different cities and don't appear to be affiliated.


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I now have 2 of Bob's rifles:

28 nosler with Nightforce 5x22x59 evolution  shoots 195 Berger VLD at 3066.  best group at 1000yrd is 0.411 MOA (4.11" 3shots)

338 RUM with Nightforce 5x25x56 pro hunter extreme shoots 300gr Berger at 2745  best group at 1000 yrds is 5.13'  (3 shot)

Both rifles set up to shoot Elk out to 1000 yards

Rifle wt 9#11oz and 10#10oz respectively ready for the field.

Will post pictures soon


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Yeah, GAP does nice work.  But they certainly aren't the only game in town.  Defaulting to GAP for a bolt action is like going to Wilson or Bear for a 1911.  They may be good, but there are plenty of other options.  Particularly if you want something truly custom.  Long Rifles Inc. builds probably number in the thousands, and the last one the did for me shot 1/4 MOA.   Plus they built the rifle to my specs in a matter of weeks, not months or years.  Short Action Customs is also very good.  As for MOA, why take a chance when there are lots of others with proven reps?

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