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Hello from North Florida

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Hi guys, I have been lurking on the site for quite sometime. I decided to get into USPSA a couple months ago. I am not new to shooting and I would say I am a casual recreational shooter but most of my time is usually spent in the fields with shotguns hunting or shooting clays. I love my pistols though and when I purchased my G34 earlier this year I decided to get involved with my local USPSA club and give myself some goals to strive for. I must say its so much more rewarding going to the range with goals and feeling accomplished when you reach them.

The past couple months have been a real eye opener and I have learned so much on this forum and more on the range. I realized that my pistol shooting capabilities weren't what I thought they were, so I started from scratch relearning the basics and teaching myself good habits. That in itself has been rewarding I have seen exponential improvements in just two range trips.

I plan on shooting production with either my G34 or my brand new SP-01 shadow (thanks to this forum for all the temptation, I had to see what the hype was about, and I found out but thats for another thread ). Thanks for a forum with a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to learning a lot more!

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Thanks for the welcome guys.

Welcome to the forums! What part on North Florida?

GrumpyOne, I'm in Tallahassee. I joined a local range that hosts monthly matches. They are well organized and have a nice turn out. I think I am going to have a good time. Im hoping to shoot my first match next month. Im hoping once I get that first match under my belt I will start branching out and seeing if there are any more matches held with in a days driving distance to get more experience.

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Welcome to the forum!

My awesome sponsors have given me a bunch of discount codes to share. Hope these help get you going. Holler at me if you ever have any questions on 3-gun.

Rhino Arms/AP Customs - JTRhino10 - 10%

MGM Targets - JTMGM10 - 10%

Nordic Components - PM me for 7%

J Dewey Cleaning Rods- JTROD10 10%

Optics Planet - TISC556 5%

Optics Planet - PM me for 10%

Taran Tactical Innovations - JBOSSTTI10 10%

Morpheus Fine Watches - JESSE15 15%

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