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Fitting a CGW T3 Disco


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I used a dremal and files. There is a good howto on the other cz forum.




The guide linked above came in handy for me as well. I used a Dremel with a diamond grinding bit. Take off a bit of material, reassemble and test, repeat until the pistol resets reliably.

Here is a link to wright up i did on the T.3 Disco fitting. It is a bit long winded but the pictures might be of some use.

CGW Type 3 Disco fitting fun.


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Thanks guys! I took a dremel to it Monday night and had pretty good success. I just don't want to take off to much material at first. The single action has a little "i mean small" bit of creep in it that i want to get out. I plan on breaking it down one night this week again before the local match this Sunday.

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