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Wireless connection issues


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I have issues when connected to a standalone router(not internet connected)trying to pull the scoring information off the NST's we use as scoring devices onto the ipad mini we use as the master.

Sometimes the search for the device(s) times out or the master will not see the devices. I have tried using the sync code but that does not help either.

Everything works well when I walk into the clubhouse and connect to the internet connected wireless router we have there. Makes no sense that the other wireless connection would give me trouble.

I have checked all the obvious issues such as:

I am on the same wireless for all three devices

I have a strong solid connection

I can see the devices, most of the time

I have tried moving the router closer to the shooting areas but that does not help

I have used a cellular phone as a hotspot and that works

I am too far away from the clubhouse router to use that connection and I can't move it

Are there specific settings within the router that I need to change?

Is there a specific router that I should use over another that is more reliable?

What am I doing wrong?

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Running same mix of ipad and nooks as you. (but don't have internet access in the clubhouse....)

simple questions first....

what version of practiscore on the ipad? what version of IOS on the Ipad?

what version of practiscore on each of the nooks?

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I had the guy who currently has the router go into the setup to see if there was anything in it related to "client isolation" He could not find anything. I also looked through the .pdf version of the owners manual on the Trendnet website and could not find anything.

Any other suggestions?

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