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Umbrella 23 Grip?


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Has anybody used the Umbrella 23 grip and is willing to give a report on your impression? It has a more vertical angle than the standard AR grip, making the #23 grip appear to be a little more 1911-like to my eye. I'm intrigued by the idea of standardizing my rifle grip to my 1911 grip, but I'm also wondering if anybody has used it in practice and found that the standard grip angle is better (or worse) suited to the sort of off-hand shooting stance encountered in multi-gun? Thanks, J

As an FYI: https://www.ucwrg.com/materiel/grips/6/grip-23/

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The Umbrella grip is the same as the B5 Systems grip. They are more vertical than a standard A2 grip, but they feel as big as a brick in my hand. Think Glock 20 or 21 (not SF or Gen 4). Not my cup of tea.

I prefer the BCM Mod 0, Magpul K or K2. The K is very small and thin, the K2 is a little larger in diameter. My favorite is the BCM Mod 0 becuase it doesn't have the large beavertail.

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I use one of these on my rifle and really like it:


Aggressive grip pattern and not too fat. Don't like beavertails on AR grips.

Use one of these on my SBR and love it for that:


It's fairly tiny though. Big hands need not apply.

Both have the steeper grip angle on the dangle. Gotta have the correct angle on the dangle.

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