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Anyone make a mag pouch like this?


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This is really a follow up to a thread I started back in December, in which I was exploring options for replacing the cloth Tuff Products 8-in-line mag pouch I've been using. In that thread someone suggested, since I like the relative compactness and bullets-out config of the 8-in-line, that I find a local maker and ask them to copy it in Kydex. Well after thinking on this for awhile, I figured I ask if anyone knew if maybe what i'm after is already available. and if not i'll look into the custom option. :)

so here's the feature list:

  • Kydex, I know Safariland makes a piece that's real close to what i'm after in a leather like synthetic, but I'm looking for kydex
  • bullets out configuration
  • Five mag "slots" minimum prefer six. the logic in my head says 3-4 "normal" reloads (assuming full 32rd stage, and I shoot Single Stack BTW) + at least 1 "just in case"
  • approximately one magazine width of space between each "slot" for easier access. (I currently run my 8-in-line loaded as follows 1-3-5-7,8 for this reason)
  • a good solid set of belt loops, stiffeners, whatever's needed so that it doesn't flop/move around on the belt. I know this is a real "No Duh!!" feature, but this is one of the major drawbacks of my current setup. It doesn't have rigid belt loops it has a set of MOLLE straps/laces, and two Velcro loops. No matter how tight I am able to get the thing secured to the belt the fact that the attachment points are fabric allows the pouch a small but annoying amount of movement.

anyway that's my current dream sheet for a mag pouch (array), anyone know of anyone currently making something like this or close to like this?

thank you for your time and any info you care to share :)

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The most I've seen for single stack bullets out is a 3 magazine pouch. Never even heard or seen a single pouch in kydex that holds 6. The issue your going to have with that many pouches is its going to have to be conformed custom to your body. If not it'll be uncomfortable as all can be! .... I'd go with single pouches. Your better off going with 5 individual pouches setting them up for bullets out and where you want them that 1 6mag pouch.

Just my 2 cents.

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DAA Racer pouch-

The pouch is ambidextrous and can be mounted on the adjustable belt hanger for right- or left-handed users. It can even be mounted at a 90 deg angle away from the body. The pouch utilises the same belt hanger as the Racer Pouch, enjoying the solid sturdy design and rock solid angle adjustments that the hanger offers.

Video shows how to mount the pouches bullets out


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