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35 MOS problem


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I have really ejoyed the forum for quite a while, a long time lurker..

I have a problem and am wondering if any of you have encountered the same issue.

Recently bought a Gen4 35.. I had other .40s and a Dillon set up for the .40 so stayed with it.. Anyway, it's a MOS version and, of course, I wanted to explore red dots.

I wound up buying a C-More RTS2.. The pistol and the sight aren't a happy pair.

The mortise milled out in the G35 slide is 1.935'' long. The footprint of the C-more with the pic adapter removed for direct mounting is 2.01''.

The sight won't sit down in the cutout, it's too long --- or the cutout is too short..

What's more the #3 mos adapter that called for with the Cmore doesn't mate up with the bottom of the C-More, not even close.. Nor with any of the other adapter plates..

I called both companies yesterday with no joy yet..

Is there a remedy that I'm not seeing? Any help would sure be appreciated !


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Since there are no comments I will conclude this ''thread''... I have talked to Glock and C-More, twice...

I bought this pistol with the intent of using the RTS2.. Fellas, don't make the same mistake I did. This combination just won't work..

The sight is too long for the cut in the slide by almost a tenth of an inch and the #3 Glock adapter plate will in no way fit on the bottom of the RTS2 sight, nor will any of the other supplied adapter plates..

I can and will return the sight, however, I am stuck with a pistol that won't accommodate the sight I would have liked.. I am a Glock fan and REALLY like the 35 but if I had known I wouldn't be able to use this sight I wouldn't have paid the extra bucks for the MOS version..

Buyer be warned..

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