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2015 Arkansas Section Multi Gun Championship

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Dates Aug 27 2015 - Aug 30 2015

Range Old Fort Gun Club

Range Address 4999 Westville Road

Van Buren,AR 72956

Match Fee $ 125

Junior Discount $ 65

Match Director David Hyden

Match Director EMail sc@arsectionuspsa.com

Range Master Jerry Quisenberry

Maximum Entries 130

Available Entries 128

Entry Open Date May 12 2015

Entry Close Date Aug 24 2015

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Greetings to All, from Bruce Bethell, Old Fort Gun Club in Fort Smith. Sorry about the delay in getting things started a little more on this post about the Arkansas Section Multi Gun Championship.

Registration is being done through www.matchsignup.org. To respond to an earlier question, when they ask you for PIN number, make up one for yourself, and remember the number. Payments are through Pay Pal. Once you sign up, you will get some response, and more information, from David Hyden, our MD.

This is a USPSA Level 2 match, so membership in USPSA is required. We have submitted 10 stages to USPSA NROI for approval, and expect to get that very soon. Great mix of guns on each stage. Preliminary round count is going to take about 100 rounds for each gun, including some shotgun slugs. I'll post stages and information here once it is finalized. I think you will find the stages to be interesting and challenging, for beginners and GMs alike.

Match hotel will again be the Candlewood Suites in Fort Smith, located at 7501 Madison Avenue, Fort Smith. A nice property, close to the Range. They are gun friendly, so walk through the loby carrying your long gun cases without concern. Call the hotel direct at (479) 424-3801 and ask for the Gun Club Preferred Rate to get special pricing for all rooms. For the few of us who are still interested, they have smoking rooms, a little unusual these days.

We are doing something a little different this year at the Arkansas Section matches. There will not be a formal prize table. At registration, each shooter will receive a bag of gifts, all bags will be the same. HOA in each division will receive a cash award, and plaques will be given using the 3-5-7 system. Your gift bag will have a retail value pretty close to the entry fee. We did this last week and the Section Handgun Match, and everyone seemed pleased. Also cuts down a lot on the activities on Sunday, so folks can get out of town and back home before it gets too late.

Scoring will be on PractiScore, so results will be available very promptly.

I realize time is short, but this is again going to be a great match. More details are on the Arkansas Section web site at www.arsectionuspsa.com. Get your entries in soon, squad with your favorite shooting friends, and come have a great match.


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Holy DQ's! Anyone know the story on the relatively high number? Or did no shows get recorded as DQ's?

We had two on Friday for shooting slugs on close steel rather this close paper. Two guys in our squad forgot what their load plan was mid stage and paid the price.

Lesson learned if you lose your shit at the beep only load a slug when you need a slug. I almost had my gun loaded wrong on stage 1. I was about 2 seconds away from center punching a full size popper with 1145fps of Fiocchi fun.

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I think they were all for slugs on wrong targets. There were three stages with slugs that had the opportunity for a mixed load depending on how you shot it. I was surprised there wasn't at least one 180 violation as close and quick as the stages were.

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This match is still my favorite of the year. I love the super fast stages. The admin and ROs are excellent! I made the mistake of traveling somewhere to shoot a different bigger match two years ago and have regretted it ever since.

My only critique on this match would be that the penalties for these short fast stages maybe a little high. The smaller 3-Gun Nation penalties of 2.5 for FTN, 5 for Miss, and 7.5 for FTE might work better. A 5 second FTN on a 15-20 second stage is 25-33% of the time. Notch deal breaker by any means but something to think about.

I have 5-6 stage videos on my YouTube if anybody wants to see what they missed out on. Unfortunately I didn't get video of the three bigger stages with the 50, 100, and 250 yard rifle shots.

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