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Multi Tool Recommendation?


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I'm guessing since it is a small knife you are replacing you will be using it for EDC.

For EDC I use the Leatherman Skeletool CX.


I also have the regular Skeletool in my range bag. It doesn't have the 154CM blade and the carbon fiber (?) scales of the CX. The Skeletools have changeable bits and are able to have two reversable bits on the tool. Best midsize multi tool for EDC in my book.

Also have the Style CS on my keychain. Has scissors, blade, bottle opener, tweezers, etc. Somethings the Skeletools do not have.


I have Sidekicks (for the cars) and a Surge. But I would not recommend those for EDC since they are too heavy for pocket carry. If I used them for EDC I'd have to carry them on the belt.

If I had to do it again I'd buy my CX from KnifeWorks and have my name put on the blade for an additional $8.


I wouldn't put my name on a under $30 EDC blade. But for a $80+ EDC I'd put my name on it in the hopes that I get it back if I misplace it.

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My little pocket knife just fell apart and was thinking about a multi tool anyways....

There are 1,001 choices out there so it would help if you could narrow down a few things. Like how big/little is right for you, are you in the $30 or $130 market, do you want it to do a couple things or a dozen?

As an example, I have a Leatherman Skeletool CX and a Style CS. Both handy, both very different.

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Thanks for all the replies and ideas. These suggestions were very helpful...

My EDC is a Leatherman Wave with a pocket clip. You have to by the pocket clip as an add on. I have tried the Supertool and I find it too large.

I also have an original Leatherman I bought when they first came out. It has lasted a long time. One time I used the cutting blade as a pry and broke the tip. They replaced the blade for me.

Great company to deal with



Great add on is the tool kit. I keep a second wave and tool kit in my shooting bag



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