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Collected range lead/bullets, can they be recycled?


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I was at the local range the other day setting up some targets and as I looked at the berm, I noticed several pistol bullets sitting on the surface. I know copper is getting pricy these days and lead is only going up, but has anyone had luck taking a container of bullets to the scrap yard?

I have seen people melt down the bullets at their house and cast lead blocks, but I would ideally collect the bullets and be paid. I'm not into casting my own bullets and don't really want to get into melting down the material at this point.

Any thoughts, comments, or other remarks will be greatly appreciated. If you have other ways to reduce a shooters impact/conserve resources please let me know.

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A lot of what you see in there that looks like copper jackets is actually a steel jacket with a copper wash. Try taking a magnet to it.

If you do use plastic 5 gallon buckets, just fill them to about half way. I have had the metal handle pull out of the buckets because it weighed so much. Then the bucket came crashing down, narrowly missing my foot.

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