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With appologies to Billy Joel


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I had too much coffee or something this morning. I was trying to think of ways to encourage folks to participate in a regular Sunday match. I thought about a sticker that said "I'd rather shoot with the sinners than cry with the Saints. The shooters are much more fun!" That morphed into me re-writing the entire classic song (again, my apologies to Mr. Joel)

Come our Virginia, don’t make me wait

Get your guns and meet me at the gate

But sooner or later it comes down to fate

You might as well get your guns

They sold you a open gun and told you to spray

They built you a single stack and you looked away

But they never told you the price that you pay

For things like shiny new guns……………….

Only the good buy guns.

You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd

We ain’t too fast but we’re damn sure proud

Our comps might be shootin’ a bit too loud

But that never hurt no one

Come on Virginia show me a sign

You can borrow a gun, no need to whine

That reloading press you’re hiding behind

Never lets in the sun

Darling, only the good buy guns.

The prize table at the big regional was certainly your confirmation

You got a brand new sight

And a 1911 with gold

But Virginia they didn’t give you quite enough information

You didn’t count on me

When you were drooling on all of the guns you could see

They say theres a custom gun for those who will wait

Some say it’s better but I say it ain’t

I’d rather shoot with the sinners than cry with the saints

Shooters are much more fun……

You know only the good buy guns

You say your mother told you all that I could give you was a lever action

She never cared for me

But did she ever give a gun to me?


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