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Benelli M2 Loading Issue


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Question for Benelli experts:

I'm having a loading issue with my Benelli M2 Field. This is a brand new gun: 12 guage. Loading port was widened and had the shell latch tuned.

Problem occurs intermittently when I am feeding shells. It seems that something is physically blocking me from adding more rounds. Sometimes the issue will appear after I add four rounds, sometimes after five rounds, and today during loading practice, the issue appeared after I loaded one round.

This issue appeared day one after I installed a Nordic tube and follower. I have since had a montube installed; problem reappeared during first practice session after getting it back.

The gun has fewer than 100 rounds through it. I'm thinking it might be the mag tube spring is binding. Otherwise, I'm at a loss.

Any insight is appreciated.

John K.

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When the loading hangs up will the next shell start in (partially) and then get stopped? ...Or will it not go in at all? (Which possibly means it is the rim of the shell in the mag tube hanging up on something in the receiver)

Did you curl in the ends of your mag tube spring so the spring is free to rotate in the tube when you screw it all together (and not get all kinked up inside the tube)?

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Steve, it is definitely a case of the next round not going in at all, not even a millimeter. Just as an FYI, this issue has happened with Federal bulk ammo, Winchester AA, and Estate ammo. Is there a picture you could post of the mag spring end being curled in? I ask because I'm not sure I know what that means.

Thank you for the reply.

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