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Lighter Strength Carbine Buffer Spring?

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Taccom sells a 10% reduced power spring. I also know that the Tubb flat wire spring can be cut down fairly easily. On the Tubb website there is a video in which he talks about it and even says what cutting off each coil reduces the rate by in lbs. I believe that the TTI Lightspeed spring is reduced power.

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I have cut as much as 1" to 1.5" off of a Wolf reduced power spring using a Taacom ULW buffer with a Boomfab Titan carrier in a mid length gased rifle with SLR adj gas blk. The go/no go test I used was would the lighter cut down spring have enough force to strip the top round from a full mag with a new stiff mag spring while monopoding on a table with a reasonable amount of down force. There is some bolt bounce with this setup (which you want to keep to a minimum) but so far it works well. Yes I have a few springs that are now too short to be reliable... So far this system has been reliable even with a really dirty but well oiled rifle. We'll see how it does this summer. Also I run a fairly light load. I don't think this would stand up to XM193 type loads.

Your mileage may vary.


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Are you saying the Wolff reduced power rifle length spring is lighter than a standard carbine spring Mark?

It is, but to use in a Carbine, you need to clip 3 or coils. This one has given the best performance.

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