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135 grn Nosler JHP w/ WST


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Quick question for you all.

I'm trying to come up with a decent load for the Pro Am next month. I have about 1800 Nosler 135 grain JHP's just sitting on my shelf and I would like to make use of them.

My current load for limited major is 4.45 grains WST under a 180 grain Black Bullet, mixed cases, 1.160 COAL (runs fine in my 2011) with an 11 pound spring. My previous steel/minor load was all of that, with 3.4 grains Tite Group as the powder.

My question is, can I just put a 9 pound spring in, change the bullet to the 135 JHP, and expect it to work? I would test it first, of course, and probably need a 9 or 8 pound spring, but is that feasible? Starting load on Hodgdon's website is 5.5 grains at 1.125 COAL.

Gun being used is a 6" 2011 in .40.

Thoughts? Thanks.


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