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Main and recoil spring affect load performance?


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This morning I went out to chrono some new loads with 147gr bullets. After the reviewing the first string, the numbers seemed awfully low. A second string was also low. Low compared to what I chron'd last year same but just warmer. When I came home to break down my pistol, I remembered swapping out the main and recoil springs for lighter ones a couple of weeks ago.

So my question is: will spring weight affect load performance? In my case, lighter springs causing lower velocity?

I plan to answer that myself but not for a couple more weeks. But hoping others can share their experience on this matter.

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I am skeptical about accuracy results over just one tame session. I find myself to be the biggest variable in tests like these. I just have a hard time determining if the reduced accuracy is me being sloppy. Even when I test 2 or 3 loads back to back I can't say my eyes were not getting tired by the third group

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