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Fitting rami sights


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Not sure how many of you guys fit sights to a rami but let me tell you, it sucks!

Getting them off was heck and because there are no flat sides it wants to twist around in the vise. I had wood blocks all around it but still a pain. Then centering them there is no real good way to use calipers since again the sides aren't flat. I can't get a reference point using a blank against the side then measure with the calipers to a specific point on the sight itself.

Anyway, eye balling seems it's a must for this slide and fitting the front sight only took like 8 times, lol. Was so worried removing too much off the front sight so had to go slow.

If any of you guys have tricks let me hear them. For now the install looks good minus a couple scuffs on the poly coat which seemed necessary with all the beating that took place removing the original sight.

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