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A mod I havent seen on here yet


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Every CZ I have which is 2 sp-01, 2 p-01, and a rami all had the same issue. The rim of the top round in the mag hit the face of the sear cage at its bottom edge if the mag is inserted in such a way its angled back more then forward. There is a bit of play in the mags as they enter the magwell and about half the time my top round would contact this spot so hard it pushed the round down and you could watch it pop back up and move forward a bit as it passed by the sear cage.

I had found that breaking the edge with a strip of 400 sand paper then finishing off with 1500 paper made a nice smooth bevel and now the rounds contact but much less and they slide right by uninterrupted. The paper was maybe 1/4 wide and 6 inches long and I ran it back and forth while holding the ends allowing the paper to bend over the edge.

Before doing this mod I was able to feel this quite a bit during mag changes and I initially thought it was the mag catch the mag was hitting but it wasnt. Well, anyway I havent seen anyone suggest this and perhaps I am an idiot and shouldnt have touched this part but I have to say it works great for me now and my rounds arent getting snapped around in the mags from hanging up on this edge.

These are both after pics. The before pic would have shown the case rim catching about 50% more then what you see here.



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At all times I feel it because it doesn't matter slide lock or not. The top round must pass by the sear cage for the mag to seat. Mostly I hardly ever slide lock but obviously at home with the slide locked back I was able to watch this happen and figure out what was causing it.

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