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What thumb guard would I get?


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I have used a slide guard, Pachmayer or EGW on 1911 models since the 80s. When I started running 2011 I used Swenson's running a standard Swenson on the weak hand side. I had to melt the safety quite a bit for comfort which lead to breaking them off at the pin. I left more meat by the pin on last two open guns and ran the matching weak hand side trimming away what ever was not needed, using two ambi sets to make one was expensive.

I Have a Cheely limited gun and Matt installed a Brazos and trimmed off from the safety notch back. I used to trim that part of an EGW as well. I am an extra large glove but not ham handed. I am an old school finger on the trigger guard shooter and get a very high grip. It is a good part that works well for me. As someone mentioned it allows you to use your favorite safety as well. There is a small cut to do for the install.


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