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Question about opening a gas port


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I bought a Franchi 912 probably about 8 years ago simply because i wanted a semi shotgun and I got it for a great price (~$400). Last year i was invited to a 3gun shoot, so i took it along as its the only semi I own. I have since machined some "ease of use" parts for it like a larger bolt knob, extended mag release, and also made a mag follower and polished the hell out of it so theres no drag to it at all. I even pulled the trigger group out and polished the hell out of that. All in all the gun runs great, super smooth, and i like having a shotgun that says benelli on the side haha. Topped it off with a 5+ Nordic extension and fiber optic front sight.

My only problem with it, and its probably because its a 3 1/2" gun, is that it cycles so slow. I only run 2 3/4 low brass through it so i should probably just find a 3" shotgun, but money is tight at the moment. Ive heard of people drilling the gas port a little larger and using a heavier spring, but how much does that really help? Im not expecting versamax or SX3 cycle speeds, but just a little faster. I was also curious, since it is a 3 1/2" gun. Would there be some way to put in a buffer behind the bolt at the back of the receiver (something like a ruger 10/22 has that you can replace with the rubber one), to limit excessive rearward travel?

Eventually, ill end up replacing it, but i really want to get an actual Benelli...just need to save up.

Alternatively ill trade this if someone is looking to get rid of an M3K lol.

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