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Start time question


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Question, If you draw but do not fire as in if you pull the trigger but did not fire a round, Are you allowed to restart or should your time continue to run? This has came up a few times at local steelchallenge matches and Ive heard both that you can restart or technically no you should not be allowed to restart after the buzzer.

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My understanding is that if a competitor draws his/her gun they own that run and must continue. If they are not ready see below (Sec5 #4).

I have been at local (non-major) matches where the RO has allowed a newer shooter to restart the stage if they drew but the gun did not go bang - this was typically due to not having a round chambered .

Section 5

4. Start signal At the audible start signal the competitor is to begin their attempt at the course of fire. If a competitor fails to react to the audible start signal, for any reason, the Range Official will confirm that the competitor is ready to attempt the course of fire, and will resume the range commands from “Are You Ready?”

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If you touch the gun, you bought the run. If you are shooting low ready and make any kind of movement, you bought the run. If you grab the gun and it doesn't go bang either because you didn't load a round or due to a malfunction, that is not a reason to be restarted (see 5.4).

In the case of non-major matches, as PMD said, there is usually some leeway with new shooters.

EDITED - To add some more info....any movement towards the gun after the beep/start signal, you bought the run. Any movement after "Are you ready" and before the beep = 3 second procedurally penalty

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If you already drew or raised to get on target, it should be your run and continue.

There is also a False Start, you get a procedural for that:

  • “False Start”: A competitor who is creeping (e.g. moving

    hands towards the handgun, or physically moving to a more advantageous shooting position or posture prior to the start signal) shall receive a 3 second procedural penalty.

The only other interference would be if you hear a buzzer go off from an adjoining bay or close by, the RO should recognize this and stop/restart the shooter.
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