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STI 9mm Edge questions?


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I receive a 9mm Edge from my bride for Christmas. Always had a desire to own one , and thought it was simply to expensive.....that's my problem.

Since receiving the pistol......it lodged a casing in the barrel after 50 rounds...returned to STI....barrel re chambered . Rear sight pin fell out...was never peened. Replaced.

Now I am having a stovepipe problem after 3-500 rounds down range. STI sent me a new extractor..

I have 6 STI 140 mags. that have various problems with followers, and won't keep slide open when empty. STI sent me a return order to send them back and check lips and followers.Still having the stovepipe issue.

My concerns are two fold. I shot 2 G34's prior to getting the 2011..... I would estimate 15-20K rounds through these Limited pistols...had a few problems, replaced parts , one barrel , and the usual wear and tear. I am religious about clean and well maintained equiptment. I would tear down the Glocks every 3-4 K rounds for cleaning ..with regular cleaning between tear downs.

My question is, I am now paranoid about stove pipes on my Edge , and feel I need a semi- tear down cleaning every 500 rounds....extractor , pin , etc. Is this normal for an Edge....STI has been great...but I don't have confidence in the pistol......thoughts....Oh yea I love the Edge...I can actually hit stuff!!!!

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I can't speak to all your issues.

From my perspective, I got a 9mm Edge from Davidson's about three months ago.

I have about two thousand rounds through mine now. Have two tuned mags from Davidsons and three stock tubes from Brownells and TTI guts and base pads.

You do have to trim the followers yourself to get proper function.

Maybe it is all in the luck of the draw, but I love mine.

Knock on wood:)

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I've build a 9mm 2011 on STI parts... not a single malfunction

swap the recoilmaster for a full lenght guide rod and a 8 or 10 lbs recoilspring, I build all my 9mm guns with a radius on the FP stopplate like they do on steelguns. the radius is cut just under the fp hole. so there is more leverage on the hammer = easier reloading

I tune my ejector so the tip is not square but a flat tip at about 1/3 of the original ejector height, I also grind a little on the inside of the ejector so the ejector hits the case more on the ouside. so the case is trown more horizontal

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1911/2011's in 9mm typically have more extraction issues when new than other calibers.I have several and all took a little tuning to run as reliably as an STI 2011 in 40 OOTB. Here is what I did to get excellent reliability in mine.

1) "I" tuned my mags with Dawson's mag tuning kit and paid attention to the dimension of the feed lips

2) My 9mm mags have 9mm followers AND a spacer

3) I tuned my followers and slide lock to NOT lock back. That is a common practice for Edge's used in competition. If you have not tuned yours to not slide lock, ensure that the follower and slide lock properly engage by tuning your mags and checking the configuration of your slide lock.

3) I fully loaded my 9mm mags and let them sit that way for a week to set the springs (when springs are new)

4) I swapped out the stock extractor with an Aftec.

I also reload for 9mm and the OAL I use for my STI 2011/9mm is 1.165 and I load to around a 125 PF for all. Only occasionally do I tear down or remove the extractor and certainly not as often as every 500 rounds. After this, none of my **11's have reliability issues.

FWIW, I've read that because the breach face of **11's were initially designed for 45 and that there is so much difference in size in the 9mm, the position of the extractor on the breach face makes it much harder to get reliable extraction in a 9mm.

As you probably know, shooting a **11 in 9mm is tons of fun, so I hope you stick with tuning your Edge, cuz it is totally worth it!

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Thank you guys for all the input....I have been running my 9 mm 147 at 1.135.. And when they work they work fine...I guess , even after all my research on the Edge, that getting the thing to run correctly , and fast seems to be a pain in the butt. I'm also concerned that after paying the price for 140 mags and new baseplate so they need to be " tuned"...WTF......I get all the stuff about the mags being an adapter ribbed larger calibe design....but one would think they would have the problem licked by now. If I need to trim or modify my extractor STI will be doing it.....I'm not capable enough to do it ....and I shouldn't have to!!

I guess I'll break out the Dawson tuning kit if the STI repairs don't hold up. I just got 4 more from Dave Dawson to see if they make a differnece and will spec. them this weekend.....I gues the Glock kinda' spoiled me with them giving such great service...

Got a match Saturday .....darn sure the pistol will be clean before that fun starts.....any other thoughts.....keep 'em coming!!

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My question is, I am now paranoid about stove pipes on my Edge , and feel I need a semi- tear down cleaning every 500 rounds

The good news is that a new STI is very tight and will loosen up. Stovepipes can be a combination of things:

1) magazine springs

2) extractor tension

3) ejector

but also slide velocity affects the energy the case has to "fly out", you may want to try a different recoil spring during break in.

I suspect this will sort itself out as it breaks in.

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I dropped down to a 9 lb. recoil spring...thinking that would help.......even though the Edge is kinda new I've got about 5 k rounds down range....and yes it was really tight when new. By tight , I mean no where as tight as a custom build ...but it made my old Colt Gold Cup look like a rattler...lol....Thanks.....will do a fair amount of shooting in the next 3 days....we will see ...........

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