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Missouri Checking In


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Hello All,

Been shooting three gun since 2004 and USPSA since 2006. Always shot for fun and never really cared about the scores, sometimes I scored really well, sometimes I came in the middle of the pack. The last 3-4 years I have constantly scored in the top third, and the last match I came in number 2 in limited minor. My best friend came in number 1, (son of a B).

We constantly remark "Imagine how good we would do if we practiced". I decided to quit talking about it and do it. I dumped the cobbled togeather rig I have been using forever and have a CR speed belt, mag pouches, and Dawson Bases coming for my G34.

I am going to the range weekly now to focus on fundamentals. And I have been internet Stalking videos of Robert Vogel to try and decode all the things I am doing right/wrong.

Most recently I decided that I want to try Roberts Grip technique. youtube.com/watch?v=45QhpvY9LZc

So there it is! Just here to soak up knowledge.

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