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Taking 650 apart - some potential issues

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Borrowed a friend's alignment tool to see if it would help resolve an issue I've been having with alignment of shellplate and primer disc (http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=215738). At first I thought it was the primer disc, but realized it could also be where the shellplate indexes to, so I borrowed the alignment tool (the larger alignment tool, not the small one that sits on the primer punch - I've already used that, and have maxed out movement on the indexer block and the primer punch is still toward one edge of the shellplate slot).

Anyway, I removed the platform and noticed a portion of the platform that makes up the hole that the index ball and spring sit in is gouged out. I'm assuming this is not the design.



Not sure if it is a problem, since there is still enough metal for the spring to sit in.

Also noticed the index return spring is quite kinked. I've got a spare in the parts kit, but didn't know if this is normal for the spring once it's in use.


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The platform is how we designed it, so powder and trash won't gum up the ball. Phone or email us for a replacement spring.


Yeah, once I saw how the spring was attached, it was pretty obvious that kinked spring was not as it should be.

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