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SVI raised mag catch


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  • 8 months later...

Here's a photo of the standard mag catch vs the raised SVI in my 38 super trojan. Check out the clearance between mag and ejector.

It goes way up and things will need to be modified to make it all work. The mag bodies push on the slidestop so they won't seat without something being cut. You can see the interfering metal through the slide stop hole.

The Dawson gap basepads don't work anymore. They don't let the mags ride high enough. The no gaps seem to work. My mags clear the ejector even though it is very close so that isn't a problem.

It does seem to fix the nose diving I was getting with 10 rounds from slide lock though. The other concern I have is that the mag body rides high up the ejector so when I slowly eject rounds they don't hit the ejector enough to be ejected. If I racked the slide hard it was fine. I'd have to shoot it first to be sure it was ok.

I might try and load longer before I take to my mags with a grinder but thought these pics might help someone. I couldn't find much when I was searching.



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