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New Ford 1911


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I was fortunate enough to get a 9mm 1911 built by Gavin Ford, www.fordshooters.com. This was a gun he built for a raffle fundraiser for the IN SS/Prod/Rev match.

I wanted to take a minute to highlight his work. It's impressive! I'm keeping this piece! I'm not a big SS shooter, but I'll be using this gun from time to time. It will, however, be my primary steel gun.

I've never said this about a gun before, but it's almost too pretty to be putting a bunch of holster wear on. Almost. :)

I'm no photographer, but here are a couple photos of the gun. Notice the high-power cut, bobbed nose with slant spring plug, tri-topped and scaled slide, the bevel on the bottom of the slide, and flawless fit/blending of the slide/frame/grip safety. There are lots of well done subtle features.... Trim/bevel on the slide stop pin, checkering, mag well, etc.






So how does it shoot?
Well, I've only had a chance to get it out one time and put a handful of rounds through it. I was hoping for some better refrigerator art to show off Gavin's work, but I got sloppy on my 3rd or 4th shot. I shot this group at 15 yards. At least it shows the potential the gun has (and the lack of potential the shooter has!)


So now we know it shoots, how does it SHOOT? Here's 6 rounds in 0.65s. With 135 PF loads it's like shooting a .22. It's unbelievably flat. The trigger breaks cleanly about 2.6 lb by my gauge, right where I like it. It ran perfectly even with the 120 PF loads I use for popper calibration. This thing is FUN!

The only thing I plan to change is the grips, and that's just a preference thing; I like grips that are a little thicker.

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Beautiful pistol, I would keep it too!

But, there is something not quite right with the video. Why is the camera moving to the right as you shoot, vibration from the report of the shots?

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Why is the camera moving to the right as you shoot, vibration from the report of the shots?

Yes it was on a slick plastic table that didn't sit flat. was hard enough to even get it to point in my general direction...


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