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Howdy folks !


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New guy here from the soon to be humid SouthEast.

Time to swap over to kydex for carry, lol.

I've been a firearms fan since I was a young kid watching James West & Artemus Gordon on Wild Wild West and a ton of other TV shows and movies.

The hook was really set when my Uncle Bill started taking me along on range trips and hunting. A 10 year old with a cap & ball revolver one minute and a Ruger Redhawk the next made for some fun times.

Since those young days I've had the pleasure of introducing my soon to be retiring Dad to shooting fun and he's become quite the collector and is loving the nice new indoor range & gun shop 5 minutes from his house. I can't wait to visit with him and go by there.

I have a few guns, not very many, but I've been able to cover many of my needs and some of my wants.

I'm one of those weirdos that enjoy both my 1911's and my Glocks.

I've got an old deer hunting buddy who I've been talking to about us possibly getting into some GSSF events and I'm interested in learning more about 3-Gun as well.

My main goal is to get into the best physical shape I can while in my miid-late 40's so I can be active and enjoy myself in any of the fun stuff I choose to get involved with. This is a big turn of events for me but is yielding some great benefits. Long way to go, but it's one day at a time. I've joined a really nice gym 2 miles away and am becoming a regular there on my days off. Slowly going on the cardio gear and steady in the kitchen where it really counts. Over the next two years I plan on being leaner, more fit and ready to tackle some fun new endeavors. Sure would make the shooting sports a lot more fun as well as every other aspect of life.

I dabbled with reloading years ago with a single stage and was able to get some impressive sub-MOA results from my hunting rifles. I plan to get back into it again, but with gear that is more directed towards faster turnout of 9mm, 45acp and 556/223. I'm thinking a Dillion set-up that I'll enclose in a cabinet that I already have.

Looking forward to getting settled in around here and learning a lot from you all.

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