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Square Deal Quick Change Question

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Greetings all,

First, thanks for bearing with me on a question I'm sure you've been asked or seen before.

I am looking at having my SDB set up for a quick change between 9mm & 38. I just picked up a new 929, so want to be able to move back & forth between that & my normal 38s. I believe I know the items I need, but want to make sure I am not missing something.

I already have dies for both calibers.

I am happy with moving my powder assembly between the two sets. But I don't' know if I would need a new assembly for any reason. I am under the impression that I can just move my powder assembly by taking out the clamp (13895) & failsafe rod (16814) between the tool heads.

I think I need the following components:


Toolhead Stand (really kind of optional, but i like the idea of having the toolhead I'm not using have it's own holder)

I don't think I would need a new shellplate, or locator buttons, or powder assembly.

When I look at the online store for Brian, I see a Caliber Conversion kit that seems to be not quite what I'm looking for.

The SDB quick change toolhead seems to be more that what I"m looking for, since I'm ok with moving the powder measure.

Am I on the right track, or am I missing something?

Thank you

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I have the same setup. You need the conversion kit or you'll have to piece it together. The two calibers takes different shell plates and locator buttons. A toolhead will be needed unless you want to swap dies everytime. I picked up an additional powder drop, dies conversion kit and shellplate. About $200 all together.

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If you look in the back of your manual it will list the different parts needed for each caliber.

I'm pretty sure you will need a different shell plate for 9mm if yours is for .38.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I hate it when I do a poor job of describing what I have. I actually have the complete conversion kits for 9mm & 10mm/40.

I of course SAID I had the die, when I meant conversion kit. (Facepalm)

So with me correcting myself, I think I can make do with a shellplate & shellplate holder.

Or am I off on that?

Thanks again.

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