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? for ejector guru and mag ?


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Ok, i have a question for someone that knows a lot about ejectors. I also have a ? about rounds in a mag.

I have a friend who has a STI GM and it is goofing up. I tuned the ejector on it and it was working fine. Now he says it is messing up again but he did something I had never thought to do.

He took the mag out of the gun and fired it. The case ejected through the magwell. I was under the assumption whether mag was in the gun or not it would eject through the ejection port. So when the extractor has ahold of the round and it hits on the ejector it would flip it out to the side and not down, does the mag have any effect on the ejection sequence?

Now, mag question. My friend loves to shoot super comp. I shoot just super. He says he has a mag that will only shoot super comp and not regular super and one that will shoot regular and not comp. I told him he was full of crap. Am I right or is he right? The length between the two rounds are the same the bullet is the same, just rimless and regular. What is your opinion?

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First thing I did to my STI GM 38 Super was put an Aftec Extractor in it. It will feed 38 Super or my preferred load 38SC. My guess it would feed even 9mm but I haven't tried that.

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Magazine definitely CAN have an influence on the ejection pattern. The bullet stack pushing up from underneath on the bottom of the empty case being extracted will influence to some degree how and where the rim of the empty contacts the nose of the ejector. This can be observed in high-cap mags such as the 140 and 170mm mags as you start with a full magazine. Fire the pistol and just watch ejecting empties path as you go thru the mag of ammo.

However, this relationship is highly dependent on how much extractor tension you have along with the length, and shape of the ejector nose. My experience is that the longer the ejector is, the less effect the bullets pushing from underneath has on ejection because the case starts to be pushed out the ejection port sooner. This of course needs to be tuned depending on your bullet profile and case-overall-length to allow ejection of live rounds, etc.

Regarding the magazine that will feed super or supercomp, there is enough of a difference in how the the rounds sit on top of each other as a result of the rim or lack of rim that a magazine with poorly setup feed lips might favor one over the other. Especially in a magazine of the 170mm length loaded to max capacity, say 29-31 rounds. However, again, my experience is that properly tuned magazines with feed lips adjusted and polished will feed either reliably. It's only been when you start getting to the maximum capacity of the magazine, along with your individual spring and follower combination that you start to see this be more critical to "tune" to the specific caliber. I.E. super versus supercomp.

Hope that helps,



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