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New (Old) Gun Builder (Welcome Back Don)


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I would like to announce to new members and visitors that we are lucky to get this person back. Don Fraley is one of the countries premier builders of 1911's. Don had taken a break from the business for a little while since he has been working very hard in the Medical Industry. Those of us that has been in the sport for a few years will remember Don as the head of " D&J Bullets " and also of " D&J Custom Guns ", out of Russell, Kentucky. Don brings his talents back to us under " Advanced Weapons Technology ". 606-923-4565 Dons skills, great ethics, and moral standings are hard to top. He is very reasonable in his builds and the quality of his work is second to none.

Go back in time a little and remember BJ and Allen Ratliff - world class shooters , Gary Stevens - instrumental in getting back single stack division in USPSA , Layne Simpson - editor Shooting Times Magazine. We all have been lucky enough to have Don work on our equipment and have had builds completed by Don. The references are non-stop.

In todays time of $5K + pistols, the options are worth the call to Don. You will not be disappointed, and I can personally state that when Don gives you his word, you have something that is getting harder to find. Don takes great pride in his name being on one of his builds. It is those lessons that I can credit Don Fraley for when I started THR Technologies/Roupe Grips, years ago.

Give Don a call if you are in the market for not only pistols, but also precision rifles. Tell Don that Tommy Roupe told you to call, and tell him welcome back !!

Advanced Weapons Technology 606-923-4564

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Don put a couple $1,000 discount certificates on the table at Battle in the Bluegrass 2015.

I was fortunate enough to get one of those.

I sure appreciate him supporting that match, I just stopped by his shop Saturday to order my build.

I got to handle several examples of his work. All of them felt great and looked great, I can't wait to get mine and put some rounds through it.

Get on the build list now....

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