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23 May 2015


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Again looking for any tips or advice anyone is willing to provide.. some info before we begin:

5th USPSA match ever, 3rd match in Limited 10. Definitely made a few mistakes today. 3 of the 5 stages i had mags that didnt want to drop free, even with the new weighted extensions. This is not an excuse, i know i need to work the problem and move on with life, however it did stick in my mind and irk me a little... a bit more on one stage, i tagged that in the video. One of the stages i had smooth mag changes (the last in the video) i forgot to barney at the start incase i missed a steel... and of course i did, that may have saved me a bit there.

I need to spend some more practice time at the range observing what is going on during the firing. I bought Ben's Book and have started reading it this week, i am trying to be more observant. I think i noticed during the recoil it dipping down, I seemed to have a lot of 1st shot a second shot C today, but then again i had a lot of really close grouped AA, so i dunno... maybe step down a spring and see what happens? I had my quarterly CQC qual week at work the last 5 days and shot about 1k rounds through my sig 229 and started trying to observe more of what is happening and let my body just work. Yes i know i should be shooting a sig here since that is what i have the most experience with but the Glock is what i have, and honestly i dont enjoy the 229 DAK, I am getting a bit better going back and forth between the two, i did notice today that my initial draw/grip was coming up pointing WAY left, i got no dryfire in this week as i got home at 2am from the work week and barely made the match....

Today was a lot of fun and a huge learning experience, my first time with the seated start, table draw, and box draw

All that being said, please feel free to provide any and all info/tips/tricks/advice you are willing to provide....

oh yeah and i am planning on ordering a blacked out rear and thinner F/O front, right now it is a truglo F/O & tridium front/rear 145/145

I am open to any and all advice or critique you guys can shed. My first two classifiers for L10 were 63% and 68%. I am hoping to lock down B soon and start working on A

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