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Selling brass tips


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Hey guys, I don't reload, but I don't mind picking up brass to sell. Question is, what is worth it? I collect a lot of 223/556 and was wondering if it's worth buying the materials to prep it to sell for reloading. I know I can get more for prepped brass. Or is it better I sell it as uncleaned range brass. What can I get for a box of 223/556 of 36 pounds?


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I have .223/5.56 brass marked as 74 per lb, so you've got ~2660 cases there.

I would highly suggest bagging, then double/triple bagging any brass you're going to ship via USPS (or via any means for that matter!), as it's quite likely the box will get stepped on, thrown, and otherwise abused, and people really don't like to get their 'box of brass'...without brass inside.

I see nearly zero reason for processed brass - I'd prefer to get LC unprocessed, so I can look at at tell if it's really 'once fired' or not. Sizing by someone else isn't done for my rifles, and I'll be re-sizing it anyway. While I don't 'like' reaming primer pockets, it's quite rare that I see someone selling swaged 'once fired' brass at a price I'd consider at all.

Having said that, I'd pay a few extra $ for clean brass, otherwise unmolested or processed.

Going rate is probably around $50-$60/K or so...

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