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S&W M&P9L Pro Series CORE


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I'm looking to purchase a gun for shooting steel and general range use. I like the features of the M&P 9L Pro Series Core (without porting), but have read comments about poor accuracy in 9mm and a less than satisfactory trigger necessitating that it be replaced with an Apex system. The ability to mount a optical sight appeals to me due to my competing in Bullseye matches and familiarity with a red dot sights. I'm not looking to purchase a gun that I have to replace the trigger and possibly buy an aftermarket barrel to make it the equivalent of let's say a stock G34 or comparable XDS. I'd appreciate hearing from those who own or have owned an M&P, preferably the Pro series. Thanks in advance for your help, Dr.J

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I've owned several M&Ps; including standards, Pro non-COREs and COREs. Haven't picked up a ported Performance Center yet, still looking for a used one cheap...

But the accuracy thing was an early issue with pre-CORE models, where the barrels had a slower twist rate, when people used certain bullet weights/types. They've redesigned the barrel and now people are much happier with the new barrels.

The trigger has also gotten much better with the newer models. I used to have one of the first Pro 40 5" guns years ago where the trigger had almost no reset, although I still preferred it over the stock Glock/XD/XDM trigger. I haven't shot an XDS, but I'm not sure you're comparing that as those are single stack carry guns and not in the same league as M&P Pros and G34s. The newer models haven't dropped the weight noticeably, but there is a much stronger and more tactile reset, although it's not as audible as Glock ones.

Neither part "necessitates" replacement at all in my opinion, the second gen factory versions are much better than most shooters can appreciate.

Can you go into a local gun store and handle one? Dryfire a CORE back to back with a Glock and XDM and you'll see how close they are compared to dryfiring a Pro back to back with a high-end 1911. The reasons lots of guys here are upgrading the Pros so much is because they are getting that good and/or they shoot high end guns (that cost 2-5x as much as an M&P Pro) where the triggers are so better that cheap triggers are just irritating.

Keep in mind those same guys aren't shooting stock Glocks either; the guys who soup up with M&Ps also soup up their Glocks and get aftermarket barrels/triggers for those too.

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