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SS109 62gr Steelcore and CFE223 Load Date for AR


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I am just getting the final pieces together to start loading 223 rounds. My dies, Trimmer, etc all came this week.

When I was shopping for things I picked up 100rd pk of those midway 62 gr bullets just to get started. I also picked up a lb of CFE223 powder awhile back when I seen it in stock at my LGS. I have not picked up any primers as of yet. But I'm going to look for the Rem 7 1/2, CCI 41 and see if I'm able to get them locally.

I am looking for load data to start with using these components. Hodgdon site has 2 different 62gr bullets listed with 2 different OAL's and I'm sure neither of these are the bullet I have. I have read on another forum that a guy was using 25grs of the cfe but did not post an oal. Plus I do not want to go by something I just came across without any solid data.

Now I know these are not the most accurate bullets but it was something to just get my used to the rifle loading process. These will be shot out of either a Daniel Defense V5 or a BCM 16" Rifles I have. Both with a 1/7 twist.

What would you guys recommend as far as more accurate projectiles for when I'm ready to purchase more?


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There are any number of fantastic projectiles out there from Hornady, Sierra, Speer, and numerous other companies. No worries there. Just have to test some of each in your barrel to find one that shoots to your requirements. The 69gr Sierra is something of a standby.

As far as OAL goes in AR's, you are mostly limited by the magazine. 2.25-2.26 is about the longest you can get to run standard mags. Use the powder charges listed in the manual. Unless you start loading some super high-pressure loads (which you should NOT while getting started), you can be safe using standard small rifle primers.

Go slow and pay attention to every step.

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First, just a mention on your ss109...

Check your range you want to shoot em at, a lot of ranges ban penetrator or steel jacketed bullets. And it will damage steel targets.

That being said, if you cannot find loading data on 62gn bullets, I would start with data for something close, like for 65gn bullets.



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