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Greetings from the Central Coast of California


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Greetings from the Central Coast of California (SLO to be specific).

I am fortunate to call SLOSA/Hogue Action Pistol Range my home range and I'm doing my best to participate in everything that I can. I started with IDPA in January of 2014 (I think) and jumped into USPSA/IPSC (what an eye opener!) and Steel Challenge in January of 2015. The range is now offering a Pro-Am style shoot every other Thursday so there's always plenty to do.

I picked up my first gun in 2012 (XD .45), but sold that and went with a M&P 9mm (FS) in 2013. I worked with the stock trigger until a few weeks ago. I went with the APEX DCAEK and it has made a noticeable difference. I actually ended up keeping the stock trigger return spring as the duty spring was heavier than I anticipated.

I have no real idea as to where I stand in terms of "skill level". My first classifier for IDPA should be right around the corner in July and I only have 2 USPSA classifiers recorded (Somewhere in the "C" class).

I'm looking forward to learning how to improve all aspects of my shooting. The opportunities for practice are not an issue, it's all about making sure that the practice is meaningful.

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That's a great place to shoot in a beautiful area. I'm way down here in San Clemente but I've been going up there for years for the Southwest Regional Revolver match and the International Revolver Championship. Great shooters, great people too. Hey, it's even in my avatar with me on Far and Near. Have fun. And grab a wheel gun and shoot an ICORE match up there sometime.

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