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Anyone using DAA Race Master Holster (magnetic) for Witness Gold Custo


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I am trying to keep my holster platform common between firearms so I chose the DAA Race Master with interchangeable inserts (magnetic). I thought I would be using it for a:

  1. Glock
  2. STI
  3. Sig 1911
  4. ????

Then a Witness Gold Custom 38 super became available and I nabbed it. I know I will enjoy it, perhaps better than anything else I own....but I now have to outfit it with Red-Dot, Mount, Holster and worst of all 15 ROUND Magazines to be NJ compliant (up count 10 rounders or restrict 17 rounders to 15).

My immediate question is what DAA insert do I need for the Witness Gold Custom EAA 600095 (see options below) I haven't taken possession of it yet, since NJ take 3-4 months to issue Handgun Purchase Permits.

I will email DAA, but with the SIG 1911 they were non-committal so I took a chance and it worked out.

I am hoping someone who owns a 600095 and a DAA Race Master platform can shed some light. ( I think I can rule out the "round trigger guard" option)

Thanking you in advance.....


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I have a new magnetic insert block that I tried for my limited with the square trigger guard. I am going to use my kydex holster for now so I would sell you that insert blocck if you want it. PM me if interested...

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Thanks for your input. My decision to go to the Tanfoglio platform had a lot to do with your knowledge of these firearms from prior posts.

So thanks for the DAA info and special thanks for all your prior posts.

Any idea how to get 15 round magazines??

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As said, the square insert is the one you want. I loved my screw style DAA race master, but the magnetic one has caused some grief with the block feeling like it was full of sand after a while. There is a pin in there that you can't get out unless you drill a hole in the reverse side of the insert. Drilled that out, push both pins out and neatened up all the edges of the delrin components. Smooth as butter now. just FYI.

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