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Urban Operator Does IDPA

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Just a little satire, but I didn't want to put it in the IDPA subforum, out of respect:


This guy is a "Tactical Plumber" Actually believes that IDPA is tactics and training, it is not. Probably been thru Front SIght 17 times and still can't do a Bill Drill in under 10 seconds. Tells you how to roll, but his day job is a plumber. Nothing against plubmers, could be a an accountant, or programer, point is they don't know jack about competition or actual training....

And the post is after his FIRST match? What does he have to say about 3Gun>>>> Probably thinks he can kick Daneil Horners butt, yea right

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typical turd hurder. You know I'm a electrician by my respect to them.

I thought a operator was a Doctor. we should do like a M.A.S.H. episode and call each other Dr at the matches now.

One of our match directors has been doing that for years now......

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