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Finally "bit the bullet"..figuratively (38 Super)


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After 2 months of learning about Tanfoglio's from members here on this site, along with input from Henning & Beven Gram, I entered the world of 38 Super Shooters.

I knew very little of Tanfoglio before monitoring this group and was set on an STI DVC Open (still pre-ordered, may keep it, may sell it). But this Witness platform intrigues me. A sound foundation, good value, the ability to customize, a lifetime warranty, allows me to have a competition firearm that I will know intimately and will be unique to me.

When I watched the video from Henning's Site under the Tech Tab showing the frame dis-assembly and slide dis-assembly, I was just about convinced --> http://www.henningshootsguns.com/tech/tech.tanfoglio.frame.assembly.html . I gutted my Glock and transformed it from s Self-D to an 2.5# Open and realized I could do the same on the Tanfoglio platform. I enjoy shooting the Glock because of it's "rawness", but It is polymer and it is .40sw , so it is like riding a Bronco while the waiting time between muzzle rise/fall is too much of a handicap.

I was totally convinced after watching a YouTube video (3 part series, circa 2012) from Massimo Tanfoglio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAoGwJXtgL4 about his company and firearm manufacturing process.

A Tanfoglio is a tradition, a proud tradition. I am not naive to believe that any platform is error free, in fact, I have altered my Glock Open "before and during" a competition. I will probably be called upon to do the same with the Witness. I'm OK with that, it makes me "one with the gun".

So thanks to all of you dedicated Tanfoglio folks for posting informative and convincing articles.


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You'll surely enjoy it. I've gotten a couple of 2011's to use for major but still like the 9mm gold teams we have. If I spot a 38 super at a fair price I'm going to grab it - so please post up your experiences with yours for those of us living vicariously!

Have you got a thumb rest on it yet?

Anyway, enjoy!

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