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Hello from Denver


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Longtime occasional reader, but just joined the forum. I've been living in Denver for the past year. I've attended a few 3-gun matches at Weld Weld and a USPSA match in Aurora since I've been here. I used to shoot more when I lived in AZ and MA. I haven't found anywhere to shoot during the week in the Denver area, and my weekends are busy, so my shooting has been limited as of late. Anyway, I don't have 50 posts, and not sure how long that's going to take. I'm moving out of Denver now and can't take my reloading supplies. I've posted them on backpage in Denver, but maybe people here don't use backpage as much as they did in Phoenix. If my supplies last till the 23rd, I'll probably bring them up to the Weld 3-gun match and set up a table (I'm not sure if that's even allowed, I'll have to check).


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