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Best products to help clean barrel. Minor leading or copper


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So I managed to push my 9mm loads a bit too far. With 147gr BBI I got some leading after 30-40 rounds. I don't blame the bullets as I was pushing them too hard. So I tried what I have on hand. Hopes #9 bore cleaner, didn't do jack $hit. I've also had issues trying to remove copper fouling after shooting a lot of plated bullets, so Hopes just doesn't seem to work for me. I've heard some say foaming cleaners, or seafoam work well. I tried going to the box store and trying to find seafoam, but they have like 10 different seafoam products, most of which don't actually seem to foam up from what I can read off the bottles. Before I buy something I'll have to return, I would like to ask what you all use that works well and saves time. I spent a good while yesterday with the plastic bristle brush I bought for 9mm, and various patches and it's 90% as bad as it was before I started.

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I am not recommending for anyone but after experiencing what you did my internet research produced a method which takes about 30 seconds on average maybe 90 if it is gosh awful. May ruin your bore, cause acne or other bad things but it has worked for me.

I started out cutting the threads off of a real copper chore boy scrub thingy. Wrapped the threads around a worn out brass cleaning brush until a TIGHT fit in the bore and on a DRY bore run it through the bore rapidly several times. Worked well. After a couple of years I picked up some of that soft steel scrub brush stuff they sell at gun stores and gun shows. It works even better. Hold the barrel over a trash can or something as you run the brush through cause stuffs gonna come out.

As an aside I would not think you could push 147's fast enough to cause problems. How fast was it?

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