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Anyone taken a dremel to their XD mag opening?


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Seems to me that removing some material from the inside rear of the magwell opening on my gun would allow a bit more tolerance when attempting fast reloads.

As I read the USPSA production rules, and arguments about same here, and counter arguments, and the occasional "just read the rules" post, it appears that I can remove material from the rear of the magwell opening and remain USPSA production class legal. I do not see a need to touch the sides or front of the opening.

What would be ideal is to fill the hole between the back of the mag opening and the back of the grip with some sort of epoxy material and then form a maximum length/ best angle slope. I assume this would not be legal however.

In any case, if anyone has made either type of modification, it would be very interesting to know how things worked out.

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Technology and modifications can make a bad gun good or a good gun better. My approach would be to smooth out any nicks with a file and then spend some dry fire practice time on reloading. Unless you're a great reloader your time might be better spent honing your skills.

I've done both and there's a lot more satisfaction ......for me.... in mastering the skill than modifying the gun. JMHO

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