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Anyone use the RCBS Ammomaster Chrono?


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hey guys, i found a ammomaster chrono at a local shop and picked it up yesterday, price was $139. I took it straight to the range to start testing some ammo, seems like an easy set up, i like the ability to have the screen at my table. However i did/do have a few issues. I picked up some brand new 9v batteries to use with it.

I did have once where it hung up at the rcbs splash screen and wouldnt do anything till i pulled the battery, then it wouldnt turn on for about 5 min, it decided to come back to life and i was able to turn it on and off with out issue after that.

I cant seem to review the logged shots... at all... Luckliy i wrote them all down on a piece of paper too, but i did 7 strings of 10 rounds each, it apparently saved them but i cant seem to acces them and never got to see the SD, ED, stats screens. When i hit stats it just says 11.535, if i hit the buttons to scroll left or right the arrow moves under the labels for high, low, avg, es.... but the screen just says 11.535....

I am real close to just saying screw it and taking this thing back to the store (if they let me return it) and ordering something else online, i need to be in the same price range though...

This is my first chrono and there is a chance that i am just not doing something right, i dunno

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read the instructions first

if you still are having issues RMA it.

I read, re-read, and sat there with the instructions while i was shooting. Nothing in there says what to do when it refuses to turn on or when it refuses to show you statistics but instead a random string of numbers? i am not going to RMA it if it won't work out of the box cause they lost my trust, i would rather retutn it and get something that works.

ah yes and i forgot to mention this BUT i have already been in contact with them about this unit because the first thing i noticed upon trying to assemble it as per the instructions was that it said they included a "start" and a "stop" cable, but when i opened the package i had TWO STOP cables! i guess they are the same cable, someone just messed up when packaging... says a LOT for their quality control, then combined with the issues with the screen!!

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