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My souped up Elite Limited 38 super + a question


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Finished all my upgrades which cost me about 550 dollars. About 2.5 lb crisp trigger. This is similar to a CZ Tactical Sports but souped up ofcourse!


Henning: Flat (adjustable) trigger system, trigger bar plunger spring, Conefit custom guide rod, extended firing pin, aluminum mag bases, 13 # hammer spring, 8.75 # recoil spring

Grauffel: Xtreme grips + screws, Xtreme fiber front sight (much better than factory fiber front sight)

+ and a few hours of work.

I also got a thumb rest as shown from Double Alpha Academy - have never had one, so eager to see what difference it makes...

Only hiccup seems to be that the Extended FP from Henning does not seem to fit in channel with the stock FP safety block. I think the dimension fit is tight and needs to be relieved on the safety block. Any body have experience with this?

For the time being, i just left the block out, since this is a range / competition gun.

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