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Loading 32 on a 1050 ?

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A longtime friend of mine has a large number of 32 caliber pistols.

All the variations of S&W ranging from I-frames, J-frames, and K-frames...

Break-open revolvers...

Colt SAA...

European pocket autos and target autos...


He has...

  • 32 Colt
  • 32 S&W
  • 32 S&W Long
  • 32 H&R
  • 327 Federal Magnum
  • 32-20
  • 32 ACP
  • Etc

Even has several 32 rimfire pistols.

He loads everything on a single-stage Lyman press and either weighs all his powder charges or throws them with a B&M powder measure. He has dozens of single-cavity molds for 32 caliber bullets and visually inspects and weighs every bullet culling at least a quarter of each batch as not good enough.

Other than a commercial loader... Does anyone load 32 on a Dillon 1050 ?


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He does not reload the 32 rimfire brass as rimfire cartridges.

But uses the fired 32 rimfire brass as jackets for swaging bullets.

It is very difficult to come by and getting harder all the time, but I once found him some factory 32 Long Rimfire for a rolling block Remington rifle he had.

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At least a few customers load 32s on the 1050 machines. Primarily 32 S&W Long with wadcutter bullets for ISU Centerfire, as well as cowboy action shooters loading either 32 H&R Magnum or 32 S&W Long. We don't sell many 32 ACP conversions, mostly those go to Europe.

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