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Leaving an Array (failure to engage)

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Assuming they were 2 shots per target, it's -10 (Mike), -10 (Mike), -10 (Failure to shoot at).

(Not to mention the 10 points for the 2 Alphas you would have scored).

EDIT: This is per target

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I have done that plenty of times. Worst is when youre at a major match & the r.o. is one of your best friends......you were penalized 60, I made 90. Lol. Plus the 30 pts I didnt get.....120 lower than it should have been. I had good time on the stage though. Hahaha.

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I left a steel target standing in two stages in my first four practice matches. It hurts, especially when the score would have been decent without that completely avoidable mistake. I made notes to myself after the first incident and was really ticked at myself when I did it a second time.

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