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OWB Holster Recommendations for 2011s?

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Looking for advice on OWB holsters for my 2011s.

I'd like something other than a DAA (Racer/RaceMaster) or CR Speed drop holster and would prefer something that holds the gun more secure as it'd be used mostly during local matches as to not have to carry the gun bagged from station to station, and not specifically to draw from.

Was looking at DAA's PDR (http://www.doublealpha.biz/PDR_Low_Ride_Holster) but wanted to check with the community first to see what your thoughts were on this?

I'd be using this one holster for both, my 2011 sdc 5in and my 2011 LDC/Butler 5in.

Thoughts, input, ideas...?


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Ive been using a Center of Mass competition holster for 3 gun for a while now and love it. Very well built and I like the angle that it is at, in relation to my leg (runs more parallel with my leg). There is a black plastic spacer between the holster and the belt attachment (not sure if legal in all shooting sports tho). My previous holster, was pointed more at my thigh, and I even shimmed it with washers.

One of my favorite features is the plastic wing nut, that I can tighten (or loosen) depending on what the stage calls for.

FWIW I bout mine when Rick was still there (God bless him - what a great guy!), but Ive heard the new guys are good to go. Also mine covers more of the slide that what appears on the page for the comp models. I use an QLS attachment on mine.

Good luck in your search and HTH.


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I discovered the Safariland 568 Custom fit for my Sig 226 also fits an STI 2011 (one fella at a recent comp forgot his rig and lucky for him I had my production rig in the car)., It comes with both belt and paddle and you can also get the competition mount kit from the 014 race holster.


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