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Using Practiscore to set up a casual weekly

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I help run a weekly dynamic pistol (IDPA rule set) match at an indoor range and we are taking the plunge into using Practiscore. I apologize in advance if there is another thread, I didn't see one exactly applicable but please link me to it and I'm happy to go read there.

So we run usually 4 stages total on 2 bays at an indoor range. I'm trying to nail down some best practices that get people signed up in a hurry and ensure everyone's paid the range the match fee.

This is what I'm doing so far:

- Pushing the match via our Facebook group and the email from last week with scores. We got about half of our shooters pre-registered (usually run 30-35, last week had 43)

- So folks pre-register, approve everybody before heading to the range and downloading the pin to the master device (one of the MD's iphones)

- As folks pay, they get their name added to a squad list (paper) kept at the register

- 5 minutes prior to first shots, logging in practiscore stops and they are issued paper score sheets if they are not pre-registered to be added at "half time" to practiscore for stage 3 and 4.

- Whichever scoring MD is will squad in practiscore then pull the updates to the scoring devices.

There is really only a core of like 15 guys, then about 50 or so guys that will rotate in and out every few weeks making up the rest.

Do you guys have any tips/tricks for getting a match registered and squadded quickly? Or do you have some ideas that we're not looking at?

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What about doing registration and squadding on the clubs.practiscore.com web site. That way your shooters and pre-register and squad in advance of the match. That's how our club does it for USPSA and steel challenge matches. You setup the registration form and then can create as many matches as you want. Once you create the match you can setup squads. For steel challenge we allow shooters to squad as soon as they register.

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You can also create a csv file with all your shooters (see info page for a file format), also add 10..15 entries like New Shooter 01 without squadding anyone. Then import it to the new match. This way you don't need to sync devices during match and competitor can just select next shooter from the list of all shooters or if it is not in the list yet, select one of the temp ones that are assigned at the time they signup at the match. At the end you can rename temp ones with real names after syncing back to master.

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