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Nook/iPad Sync Question


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I've been toying with PS with my iPad and iPhone for a little while now (< 2 weeks, no actual matches) and all seems well. I ordered an NST and got it yesterday. Rooted it with RASI.

When I went to sync an existing test match from the iPad to the Nook, it didn't transfer over. New matches I created last night would go over, but the original one that existed on the iPad wouldn't xfer until I added another stage to the match.

Just curious if that's the way it is or I'm doing something wrong.

Updated the NST to 1.2.27 this AM, which appears to be a very nice update for the Nook.


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I think the version of PractiScore that's installed with RASI is 1.2.15 or something like that so I wouldn't be too surprised with sync issues. If all goes well with the NST running 1.2.27 you're good to go. Sometimes I've had to enter the sync code on the iPad to find the NST but usually I only have to do it once for the given network I'm on.

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